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Montage of Greenwood's map elements

If you find something that doesn't work here please send me an email to and tell me about it.

While the map scans on this site are © Mark Annand it's fine to print them for personal use, and to link to this site. If you need something more than this please ask!

When viewing the map on screen, if you can set your monitor to 1024 x 768 or better you'll find that this helps.

Printing Greenwood's Map

Printing the map is best done using graphics software. Web browsers aren't really designed for the task.

The panels are scaled identically: some are slightly on the skew, but all should print.

  • For each map panel, save the image file to disk.
  • Open the file using graphics software.
  • Print each panel, but you'll need to identify a scale which
    brings all within the margins of your printer.

Beware - the original map being folded, while the heights of the panels do not vary much, the same cannot be said for their widths. Launch several trials before setting out to print every panel, and work across the map not down - this way you'll hit any problems to do with panel sizes at an early stage.

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