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September 1st 2014
Nextbike info updated: staff and students are now eligible for an annual registration at no charge. A note added to the 'Quiet routes' page: satnav + new rural businesses has brought increasing traffic levels in the lanes and the route is no longer so quiet.
June 20th 2014
This site updates less frequently even than {REDACTED}. We've added something on Next Bike's cycle hire stations though - now available at the Newton Park campus as well as various locations in Bath.
September 4th 2012
Updates to info on cycle routes to Bath and to availability of free lessons ...
July 24th
Updates to Two Tunnels information (again), news on cycle routes to Newton Park
November 24th
Updates to Two Tunnels information, topical stuff and link in menu to Bike To Bath Spa Facebook group
September 2011
Route Ride to Radstock for the Five Arches opening - including a walk through Combe Down Tunnel.
March 2011
Work on the link between the Globe roundabout and the Newton Park campus is hopefully making some progress. This route doesn't just serve the University though, and the campaign now has its own web site and blog here.
February 2011
The Newton Park campus needs a link to the Bristol to Bath path (More).
November 2010
Link added to info on Two Tunnels bridges planning application
June 2010
National bike week
April 2010
Adult cycle training now available locally.
March 2010
Work starts on the Two Tunnels route
November 2008
Bath Spa University will support Cyclescheme from early 2009.
October 2008
Updates to various things including a link to Bath Spa University's Facebook cycling group.
May 2008
Page of images of Fieldings Road Bridge repair work. New Cyclescheme information page.
March 2008
Fieldings Road Bridge repairs are underway (the structure is closed ...). Also, physical work on the Two Tunnels Greenway is booked to start 10th March!
September 2007
The thing we're asked about all the time is ... Cyclescheme (aka tax free purchase of cycles by staff). Bath Spa University hasn't enroled for this yet. The Cyclescheme web site lists the benefits - and their web design company is based in Bath!
July 2007
Newton Drive gate now opened for cyclists and pedestrians. Kissing gates are all very well but ...
April 2007
Cycle routes in Bath are under review, and we're invited to contribute - suggestions via our contact page please and I'll collate and submit.
February 2007
Web Poll! Routes to Newton Park ...
November 2006
Link to Cyclescheme web site, containing information for employers and employees on this widely adopted method of promoting cycle use.
June 2006
Link to cycle rides in bath google group
April 2006
Updates, info on Newton Road, Twerton
December 2005
Updates, and a mailing list for the two tunnels project
September 2005
Link to images of lightning damage to tree, a note about the changes to staff travel cycling expense claims - i.e. this is now acceptable. Various infrastructure news ...
To August 2005
Changes to news, Two Tunnels info page added, changes to site to reflect name change of university college to Bath Spa University
To June 2005
Various updates
To December 2004
More links added/repaired: the BANES web site has been restructured to deliver information better, and you'll find that cycling now has a higher visibility.
August 2004
Links added to NCN 42 route construction Limpley Stoke - Radstock - Frome section
March 2004
Improved web site layout.
To February 18th 2004
A page on the dual carriageway avoiding route to Bath Spa University from Bath. Various links added, also a plea for feedback for cycle locking point siting at Sion Hill.
August 15th
Links added to Bristol University BUG and also transport 2000 examples of good practice ...
April 25th
Edits ...
March 11th
New links to council action line among others, new BSU-bug recruitment poster for you to display
March 3rd
A data page with results from a survey commissioned by Bath Spa University on staff travel to work patterns.
February 20th
We now have a 'Links' page, an 'Ideas' page and details of two routes to Bath Spa University Newton Park from the City of Bath

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