Cycle Routes to Newton Park Campus

Here's some info on routes to Newton Park. We also have info on the Sion Hill campus.

Despite appearances, there is actually a 'quiet' route from Bath as an alternative to the dual carriageway A4. It's quiet, but not as quiet as it was, that's why there's a campaign for a direct link to the Bristol to Bath path.

Cycling from Bath?

Allow about half an hour from the centre of Bath - you can avoid some of the traffic by using the riverside cycle path to and from Locksbrook, and then via the (traffic-ridden) dual carriageway, roundabout and main drive. Alternatively you can use the first section of the Bath-Bristol cycle path and leave this at the A4 overbridge.

Alternative route via Twerton

Here's a photo-guide to this route, which uses secondary and minor roads, this brings you to Bath Spa University through Newton St Loe village. While it involves some hills, these aren't bad - if don't cycle very often, give your legs three days on this route and you'll find they get used to the excercise.

Bear Flat/ Oldfield Park

Depending on your starting point it's possible to use the Linear Park (which starts below the Bear Flat open space) as an off road route to take you through Oldfield Park and then through East Twerton to Twerton High Street where you can join the 'Alternative route' above. Construction of the 'Two Tunnels route' from 2009 will improve this route.

Cycle Routes to Sion Hill Campus

Yes, your route may be uphill, but hopefully not in both directions, and if you are travelling within Bath your route may be short compared to many routes to Newton Park.

If you're travelling from south of the river, and especially Oldfield Park, you do not have to go via the city centre, as Victoria Bridge Road and suspension bridge allows you to cross the river independently of the major road crossings, more or less below the campus. (Update: Victoria Bridge Road now subsumed into Western Riverside redevelopment, the bridge itself is closed as 'Unsafe' - no reopening date in sight.)

Cycle Routes to Culverhay

Yes, it's on high ground. But it's up there with a large swathe of Bath's housing, if you happen to live at the same altitude it may be that cycling to Culverhay is easy.

Cycle Routes to Dartmouth Avenue

The Two Tunnels route passes Bath Spa University's Dartmouth Avenue workshops. It's difficult to miss, as the route crosses Dartmouth Avenue on a 40 metre span bridge ...

Cycle routes to Corsham Court

A rail and cycle commute would be possible if Corsham had a station. Corsham Station has long been identified as a candidate for reopening. In early 2003 cash was actually allocated to a budget for this work, by the then Strategic Rail Authority. Unfortunately there was then a change of direction and they subsequently ordered the withdrawal of the entire Bristol to Oxford rail link, which would have provided the train service for Corsham Station, and the station reopening was halted.

Now under construction is an East-West rail service. In a previous incarnation, it was intended that its trains would run to Bristol - and serve a reopened Corsham station. The current plan is now for its trains to run to Reading, but in the future this may change.

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