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Users Personal Websites Server

From the end of academic year 2011/2012 we will no longer accept requests for hosting from or on behalf of students. Anyone needing to publish online surveys should use Survey Monkey or Google Docs.

Editing and Publishing

Windows users who would like to put a website onto this server will need to use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 or Microsoft Expression Web (we do not support secure WEBDAV or FTP uploading).  Expression Web can be found on most of our open access Windows computers, and is installed by default on all staff computers.

Apple Mac users on campus should use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to open the TSACADEMIC server to access FrontPage.

Website Removal

Websites hosted on this server will be deleted as soon as your user computer account is deleted from our network, or, in the case of students, when they complete or withdraw from study. Staff and students are responsible for keeping their own backup of their websites and associated data.

Staff and Student Websites

This is a list of every public web-space hosted on this server: